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Work­ing Togeth­er to Trans­form Lives ThroughOrgan & Tis­sue Dona­tion

As Iowa’s sole organ pro­cure­ment orga­ni­za­tion, we facil­i­tate both organ and tis­sue recov­ery and serve as the state’s pri­ma­ry con­tact for organ, tis­sue and eye dona­tion.


Putting your dollars to work

This can help provide a donor family with a recording of their loved one's heartbeat inside a pillow.


This can help us with our education and outreach efforts to inspire more Iowans to donate life.


This can help us train 10 new volunteers to spread the word about donation across the state.


Faces of Donation

  • 03 Stacy Henkelman Faces of Donation 8

    Stacy Henkelman

    "Since losing our son, we have met two of his recipients. Seeing firsthand what the gift of life has meant to both of them has been instrumental in helping us heal from the loss of our beloved son."

  • 32 Terrell Jordan Faces of Donation 143

    Terrell Jordan

    "My life was torn beyond repair. Then my Donor Hero came along and because he and his family said YES to donation, I'm here today--happy and living life to the fullest."

  • 36 Brunson Faces of Donation

    Alma and Brian Brunson

    "As a donor family we find comfort in the lives our daughter touched after her death."
  • Faces daylea

    Daylea Herring

    "I received a liver transplant when I was four-years-old. When I grow up, I want to be a surgeon to help people."

  • Faces angel

    Angel Dominguez

    "I am alive today because of organ donation. At 8 months of age I received a heart transplant. My family and I celebrate my transplant 'heart day' like another birthday because it gave me a second chance at life."

  • Faces joey

    Joey Gase

    "My mom saved and healed the lives of 66 people as an organ, eye and tissue donor when she passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. As a NASCAR driver, I'm encouraging Iowans of every age to register as a donor."

  • Faces beckham

    Beckham Scadlock

    "I have come to a complete knowledge that our little family is so blessed and so changed to have our donor family as part of our lives, not only because they gave us the precious gift of Jake's heart that beats so strong in Beckham's chest, but because they have given us a complete view of what this life is all about - love, endurance, acceptance, patience, and joy."

  • Faces hailey

    Hailey Steimel

    "Because of an organ donor I can be a normal person again and do what normal teens can do. Its an amazing thing, it has changed my life. It has given me life."

  • Faces jim

    Jim Steinberg

    "My donor has given me the gift of bonus time which has enabled me to get married, have children, work, enjoy a full and active life, travel the world, and have many more opportunities to spend time with family and friends."

  • Faces michael

    Michael Schrodt

    "Knowing that although I wasn't granted my miracle, others were granted theirs because of my daughters donation, brings me and my family peace."

  • 49 Suzanne Conrad Faces of Donation 236

    Suzanne Conrad

    "Eight years after joining Iowa Donor Network as CEO, I was able to donate a kidney to a friend and board member."

  • Faces kim

    Kim Burdakin

    "There are no words to express how grateful I am for my donor and his wonderful family. My donor was a hero - he was my hero."

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All are inspired to donate life.