Work­ing Togeth­er to Trans­form Lives Through 
the Gift of Organ & Tis­sue Donation

As Iowa’s sole organ pro­cure­ment orga­ni­za­tion, we facil­i­tate both organ and tis­sue recov­ery and serve as the state’s pri­ma­ry con­tact for organ, tis­sue and eye dona­tion.


Putting your dollars to work

This can help provide a donor family with a recording of their loved one's heartbeat inside a pillow.


This can help us with our education and outreach efforts to inspire more Iowans to donate life.


This can help us train 10 new volunteers to spread the word about donation across the state.


Faces of Donation

  • Mb

    Matt Brewbaker

    "I was, and still am overwhelmed with gratitude to the donor who made the choice to give life to others, and to their family who went through this painful event in their lives. Gratitude seems too simple and mundane a word for how I feel. Not only did my donor save my life, but they directly impacted the lives of everyone around me."

  • IDN 128 Jeanie Flies

    Jeanine Flies

    "The magnitude of her personal decision was beyond anything I could have comprehended. Amanda helped 249 people with her gifts, two of which can see the beautiful world we live in because of her cornea donations. So, for anyone who has questions about organ, eye and tissue donation, ask. We are one of many incredible stories of selfless acts, but the impact to recipient families are immeasurable."

  • IDN 188 Tim Shie

    Tim Shie

    "I was fortunate and received the call for my heart transplant on April 21, 2018. I remember that day very well. It was a day of mixed emotions as you know there is only one way for you to receive a new heart. Michael was my donor. Michael and I are now teammates for life. "

    - Tim Shie, Heart Recipient 

  • IDN 77 Troy De Jode

    Troy De Joode

    "As a donor father, I have found great comfort in knowing the lives were saved and improved by my children’s donation."

  • 03 Stacy Henkelman Faces of Donation 8

    Stacy Henkelman

    "Since losing our son, we have met two of his recipients. Seeing firsthand what the gift of life has meant to both of them has been instrumental in helping us heal from the loss of our beloved son."

  • 32 Terrell Jordan Faces of Donation 143

    Terrell Jordan

    "My life was torn beyond repair. Then my Donor Hero came along and because he and his family said YES to donation, I'm here today--happy and living life to the fullest."

  • 69 Daylea Herring Fo D 43

    Daylea Herring

    "I received a liver transplant when I was four-years-old. When I grow up, I want to be a surgeon to help people."

  • Faces joey

    Joey Gase

    "My mom saved and healed the lives of 66 people as an organ, eye and tissue donor when she passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. As a NASCAR driver, I'm encouraging Iowans of every age to register as a donor."

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Virtual Donor Memorial Wall

  • FB IMG 1689468854580

    Todd Rollinger

    We miss Todd everyday and wish he was here with us but find comfort in knowing these gifts have helped others . Please consider and agree to tissue/organ donation, the recipients benefit as well as the grieving family left behind.

  • Rachel is a hero

    Rachel Glissmann

    With her passing, Rachel was able to continue impacting the lives of others through her own tissue donations. Her friends and family have been comforted knowing that she was able to contribute to a cause that was so near and dear to her.

    In honor of Rachel, please consider becoming an organ and tissue donor!

  • Michael Fox Jr.

    Michael Fox Jr.

    My dad was such a loving and big hearted person and him donating his organs after he passed was proof of that. Now two happy families have received my dads healthy kidneys. Now his love and selflessness can be spread to other families which brings joy to mine in this hard time.

  • Aubrey Bigger

    Aubrey Bigger

    Aubrey is the true definition of a HERO!

  • Chris Ehrenhard

    Chris Ehrenhard

    There is comfort in knowing he helped others by being a donor. Iowa Donor Network has and continues to help and support us in remembering our beloved Chris.

  • Erika Schwager

    Erika Schwager

    She chose to be an organ donor. Her father and I facilitated her wishes. She donated both of her kidneys, her pancreas, and her liver. She chose to give.

  • Coralynn Sobolik

    Coralynn Sobolik

    Coralynn, a 22 month old little girl, saved 3 people's lives by becoming a organ donor.

  • Arthur Ousley

    Arthur Ousley

    My dad was the hardest working man I know. He is greatly missed here on earth but we know he’s in heaven smiling down on all of us. We love and miss your greatly dad.

  • Jacob Hinkelman

    Jacob Henkelman

    He had one year of college done when he was killed at the age of 20 in 2017. His life had been cut short but gave life to two other very special souls that we love like our own! Jake's kidneys have taken these two off of dialysis and back into LIFE! We miss Jake terribly in our hearts and in our home but look forward to seeing him again some day!

  • Anna Lynch

    Anna Lynch

    Our beloved Anna passed away at age 25. She always had a smile for everyone and never met a stranger. She was cherished by all who knew her. Can't wait to see you again in Heaven.

  • Andrea Rose

    Andrea Rose

    Andrea left us suddenly on March 23, 2019 in a single car accident. It was no surprise that she had checked "yes" on her drivers license to be an organ donor. She helped people in life and she helped others after she left us. Andrea's life can be summed up as "Walk in Grace - Live in Love"...

  • Kayte Mosher

    Kayte Mosher

    Kayte was just 20 years old when she passed away, the only easy decision in the wake of her death was saying “yes” to donation. Afterall, Kayte was an incredibly giving person. Kayte would give her friends a place to sleep, animals a loving home, she’d even donate her last dime to the animal shelter then turn around and ask her mom for rent money. Kayte had a giving heart, so it’s only fitting that she continues to give to others after her passing...

  • Lilly Schulte

    Lily Schulte

    Lily was a young inspiring artist. She had a calming presence with a willingness to learn.

    Lily Schulte, age 20, died August 7th, 2019; surrounded by her loving family and friends. Lily was born June 15th, 1999. She grew up a fierce lover of animals, nature, art, friends, and family. She will be remembered for her natural beauty, sense of humor, and her passion for art and creativity...

  • Austin Goodrich

    Austin Goodrich

    Although we are deeply saddened to have Austin leave us here on earth, we are so incredibly proud of him for choosing to be an organ donor! He lives on through others!

  • Scott Holderbaum

    Scott Holderbaum

    Make it a Great Day! Simple words, from a simple man. Scott was 47 when he left this earth. Those left to cherish his memories and unconditional love are his 4 beautiful daughters, Tami, Paige, Macy and Ella, his best friend and fiancé, Tracy and 2 grandsons, Braxton and Jayce, and grand-daughter, Adalynn. And so many family and friends... Scott was incredibly kind and intelligent. He always put others before himself with no real limit to how far he would go to help someone. He touched so many lives with his simple wisdom, passion for helping and genius level IT skills...

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All are inspired to donate life.