Your Gift of Life

Life After Transplant

Every transplant candidate has a dream of what life will be like after transplant surgery. It may be difficult to absorb all that has happened. You may have questions about your donor, your donor's family and the process of donation. 

The process of donation begins with a decision to save and heal lives. If your donor was registered as an organ, eye and tissue donor, we honored their decision upon their death. If he or she had not made a decision about donation, we asked their family to make a decision about donation on his or her behalf.

As you know, the identity of both the donor and recipient are kept confidential. We send a letter to the donor's family after the donation with some general information about who their loved one's organs helped. We also provide grief support and resources in the months and years following their loved one's death and donation.

If donor families and recipients choose to communicate, it is done anonymously through the transplant center and Iowa Donor Network. You can read more about writing to your donor's family here.

Disability Benefits

Did you know organ transplant recipients are automatically eligible for benefits for a year after their transplant? For more information to see if you're eligible to receive benefits, read this article. 

Share Your Story

In advocating for organ and tissue donation, here are a few points to focus on:

1. Transplantation works! Your own story is proof.

2. Encourage others to make their own decision about donation. Ask them to take action and join the Iowa Donor Registry.

3. Ask them to tell their family and friends about their decision to be a registered donor.

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.