There are a few different ways to register as a donor in Iowa:

  • The easiest way is to register online by clicking here.
  • Say YES to becoming a donor when receiving or renewing your driver’s license. 
  • Say YES to becoming a donor when purchasing a hunting, fishing, or fur harvester license through the Department of Natural Resources. 

No. Registering at the DMV or online is enough. Both options will ensure that you are on the Iowa Donor Registry.

Any person of any age may register as a donor on the Iowa Donor Registry. Parents or next-of-kin will have the final decision regarding donation for anyone under the age of 18.

Absolutely. We highly encourage you to let your family know about your decision to become a donor so that they are not surprised at the time of your death.

Being a registered donor means you have given first person authorization for donation. No one can override your registration and donation choice. Iowa Donor Network works closely with families to support them through the donation process and to honor your decision. We highly encourage people to talk to their families about their donation decision in advance as it can be helpful to your family to know your wishes about being a donor.

To fulfill your donation decision, Iowa Donor Network must be notified of your death within a few hours. Hospitals are required to notify Iowa Donor Network of all patient deaths. Iowa Donor Network works closely with medical examiners, emergency responders, hospices, and long-term care facilities to refer deaths that occur outside a hospital setting. After Iowa Donor Network is notified of your death, they will determine at that time if you are medically suitable to donate. If you are medically suitable, Iowa Donor Network will notify your family of your decision to be a donor. Iowa Donor Network will work closely with your family and the agency that notified them of your death to coordinate the donation process. Iowa Donor Network also provides ongoing companionship and grief support to donor families.

You can have your name removed from the Iowa Donor Registry by calling Iowa Donor Network at 1-800-831-4131. 

Please do not rule yourself out for donation due to your age or medical conditions. A medical assessment will be completed by Iowa Donor Network to determine if donation is a possibility. 

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.