Michael Fox Jr.

Michael (my dad) had the biggest heart and was the most selfless individual I know. He always tried to put a smile on everyone's face and he certainly succeeded. His fellow co-workers looked forward to Michael coming to work because he always gave them a good laugh. He knew how to have a good time no matter where he went and was always able to make someone laugh. Throughout the years he did many activities with his children such as riding bikes, swimming, fishing, going on walks with the dog, playing catch, kickball, softball, hiking, camping, playing basketball, attempting to pass the volleyball back and forth, and so on. He loved spending time with his family anyway he could. The special thing about Michael is he always reserved an activity for each one of his daughters that would be just between them. Since all of us have a wide variety of interest this was easy for him to accomplish. He made each one of his kids feel like they were his favorite. He took time out of his day to learn about the new things happening in his girls' life. I know I'm biased, but he was the best dad. He was always there for me and my sisters no matter what it was often he offered to "beat up" the boy that made us cry (like dad's always do) and when we declined his offer he thought of all the ways he could make us smile. One thing that I am most grateful for is I never had to wonder if my dad loved me because he showed me everyday how much he cared. The "fox girls" and I always had our number one support on our side. He was so extremely proud of each of us and showed that through bragging about us to his co-workers and family members. My dad was such a loving and big hearted person and him donating his organs after he passed was proof of that. Now two happy families have received my dads healthy kidneys. Now his love and selflessness can be spread to other families which brings joy to mine in this hard time.

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.