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Request an Organ Dona­tion Consult:

Noti­fy IDN at 800.831.4131 if your patient is on a ven­ti­la­tor and meets one of the fol­low­ing criteria:

  • Grave prog­no­sis (change in code sta­tus, unlike­ly to surve)
  • Injury to brain or lung (loss of brain stem reflex­es, plans for brain death testing)
  • Fam­i­ly men­tions donation
  • Talk of extu­ba­tion or tran­si­tion to end-of-life cares (goals of care meet­ing, pal­lia­tive consult)

Brain Stem Reflexes:

  • No pupil­lary response
  • No corneal response 
  • No cough 
  • No gag 
  • No spon­ta­neous respirations 
  • No motor response 
  • No response to ice water calorics 
  • No doll’s eyes

Clin­i­cal Triggers:

Under­stand­ing the GIFT acronym:

  • Grave prog­no­sis
  • Injury to brain or lung
  • Fami­ly men­tions donation
  • Talk of extu­bat­ing or tran­si­tion to end-of-life care

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.