Donor Family Care Program

Iowa Donor Network's Donor Family Care Program

At Iowa Donor Network, we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult and everyone’s grief journey is different. The role of our Donor Family Care program is to offer support and resources to meet the needs of each donor family member, regardless of their relationship to the donor or type of loss they have endured. Our Donor Family Companions offer a listening ear, facilitate correspondence between donor families and recipients, offer updates as to how a donor’s gift(s) impacted others, and provide information on available grief materials and support groups as well as notify families of up-coming donation related events.

"Choosing organ donation has been a blessing to us as we see Garrett’s legacy live on in the lives of others. Learning how these special gifts have improved so many lives makes us very proud of our son and gives us great joy."

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.