12-year-old Iowa boy's organ donation saves multiple lives after his death

When 12-year-old Derek Cisnero died in a car crash four years ago, his family made the decision to give the gift of life by donating his organs to five other people. That story is now hanging on the walls of...

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Fairfield man's tissue donation helps 57 people

A plaque was recently unveiled in the Jefferson County Courthouse honoring Chuck Myers for his organ and tissue donations that have helped 57 people. Myers was a lifelong Fairfield resident who worked at Dexter and Iowa Malleable. Though his family...

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Family promotes organ donation at the Quad-City Times Bix 7

The Hughes' family gets together every year for the Bix, and they come from all over. The race is a chance to see family, and to promote organ donation through the Iowa Donor Network.

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Plaque Honoring Local Living Organ Donor Unveiled in Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge, IA— Samantha Reeves of Fort Dodge saved her father’s life in 2015 when she donated a kidney to him. Now the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is honoring Samantha’s gift with a permanent plaque, which shares her story...

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Plaque unveiled at new driver's license station details transplant success story

“We are so excited to have this partnership in promoting organ donations,” Casey said. “They are our partners in talking to people about the organ donor list.”

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Iowa DOT honors Fort Dodge woman who gave part of herself to save her dad

The Iowa Department of Transportation honored Samantha Reeves with a permanent plaque at the new Fort Dodge Driver's License Service Center.

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Marion woman meets man from Utah she donated kidney to

“It was easy, like so easy,” Moore said. “I don’t feel any different, but his whole life is different. Like he’s healthy again, he can do things with his family again, they hike they go on vacation, and he was...

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She didn’t know him from a ‘man on the moon.’ But the Marion mom gave him a kidney anyway

“What do you say?” Braginton asked as his voice broke and his eyes welled up after meeting Cheryl Moore, his kidney donor. “I’ve been thinking about it for six months, what I would say to this person. You can’t say...

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