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Event Calendar

OneLegacy Donate Life Rose Parade Float

Monday, January 1

10:00 am

View on ABC, NBC, and RFD TV

Sponsored by Iowa Donor Network

Woven Together: The Dance of Life

For over 20 years, OneLegacy's Donate Life Rose Parade® float has inspired people worldwide to save and heal lives with the powerful message of organ, eye, and tissue donation. The 2024 Rose Parade® theme, A World of Music, unites people through the power of music. In a world of different cultures, beliefs, hopes, and dreams, one language unites us all — music. Organ, eye, and tissue donation also unites people through the gift of life. The 2024 OneLegacy Donate Life float showcases the culture of the Hopi, native to the American Southwest.

The Woven Together: The Dance of Life float features a beautiful Butterfly Dancer wearing an impressive and intricate headdress. The Hopi Butterfly Dance is a two-day, ceremonial, social dance for young people in Hopi villages during late summer and early fall to celebrate the corn harvest. The maidens dress in elaborate headdresses called tablitas, which have symbols of corn, butterflies, and prayers. The dance pays homage to the butterflies that pollinate the corn, helping the crop prosper. Surrounding the dancer are traditionally woven baskets full of life-giving corn and other fruits from Hopi culture. Memorial floragraphs honoring life-giving organ, eye, and tissue donors honoring life-giving organ, eye, and tissue donors will be displayed on the baskets; transplant recipients will ride on the float, and living donors will walk alongside it. This beautiful Native American scene is completed with prickly pear plants, stalks of corn, and fluttering butterflies.

To many Native Americans, dance is a form of inspiring storytelling that honors their culture and departed ancestors, making the float's celebration of the Hopi Butterfly Dance both beautiful and meaningful. The butterfly has long been a symbol of rebirth, from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, and has come to symbolize the power of donation and transplantation. In this way, the 2024 OneLegacy Donate Life Float follows the annual tradition of beautifully depicting people and cultures while sharing the human connection of caring for one another that brings us together.

As the world's most visible campaign, the OneLegacy Donate Life Rose Parade® float inspires viewers to save and heal hundreds of thousands of people needing organ, eye, and tissue transplants each year. Register today to become an organ, eye, or tissue donor.

Dominic Ogden

Donor Honoree - Floragraph

Melissa Nelson

Recipient Honoree - Rider

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.