Madison Stogdill

Madison is a daughter, big-sister, softball player, coach, and friend to all. Her selflessness stretched beyond her last wish of donation. The last voicemail we have from her is Maddi pulling over to ask someone if they needed a ride because they looked lost. That's who she is. Maddi went out of her way to give endlessly and love constantly. Maddi loves the beach, her vitamin "sea". She always went boating and came over to swim in the pool. She would become friends with every life she met. Maddi loves the game of softball. She not only played in college but plays slow pitch every week. She was so proud to coach on a team and made it a point to attend every game she could. Always being the biggest cheerleader for the people she loved. She loves crime shows and shark week and would get margaritas and queso with anyone who asked. She was truly sunlight wearing shoes.

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.