Larita Hoeck

My mom was my best friend, my biggest fan, and my rock. I have the best memories growing up with my Mom. In 2016 the father of my children took his life leaving me with a 6 and 2 year old to take care of. My mom stepped up to help me take care of them. She would stay with me during the week and get them from school while I worked. I, in return, would take her where she needed to go. It worked for us, and she was the best grandma, never playing favorites and being a huge part of their lives. She never drove. She had bad anxiety and so lots of my childhood memories are of us walking to the store or taking the bus. October 7th, 2021 I was helping a family friend move to Nevada. I got a call after driving a U-Haul all day that my mom was hit while crossing the street. She was in the right of way. The driver was distracted and didn’t see her. She suffered 5 skull fractures that ultimately would be why she was pronounced dead on October 11th, 2021. A piece of me is gone. I miss everything that was her. But even after she was gone I kept her in the hospital another full day because I wanted her to be able to donate her lungs. It was very difficult seeing her body move by the bed to get her lungs clear enough for gifting. I cried, held her hand, and played her favorite songs. Six months to the day I got a letter from the person who got her liver. I have yet to respond because it’s been a difficult year with dealing with my grief. Going through all my first of many’s without her. It does being me comfort knowing her tragic death helped others in need. And that parts of her live on. I only wish her heart could’ve been gifted. She had the biggest one! This October 7th I had a walk in her name. I called it Rita’s right of way and was and am still raising money by selling bracelets to get pedestrian signs around my community. October also happened to be Pedestrian awareness month. I can’t wait till I see the sign go up at the corner my Mother was hit. I hope it will bring awareness all year round. I know I pay more attention to the road because even though she still lives on I could use one of her great hugs right now.

Our Vision:

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