Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities for Hospital Professionals

Iowa Donor Network offers a variety of educational opportunities for hospital professionals including but not limited to nurses, physicians, social workers, respiratory therapists, and chaplains.

  • In-person presentations (nursing contact hours offered at no charge for presentations at least 60 minutes in length)
  • Customized education tailored to audience, information requested, and time limits
  • Online training and computer-based learning modules
  • One-page educational topics and clinical trigger cards

Iowa Donor Network is also available to partner with your hospital to help ensure that all Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Conditions of Participation are met, which include, requiring training for new employees, annually, whenever there are policy/procedure changes, or when problems are determined through the hospitals QAPI program.

Available Online Training:

The Hospital Professional’s Role in Donation

The opportunity to donate one's organs, tissues, and eyes is an important and enduring decision for anyone. Healthcare professionals are an integral part of the donation process. The purpose of this course is to provide a general overview of the healthcare professional's role in the donation process :

  • Describe the hospital's role and responsibility in the donation process 

  • Identify how and when to make a referral to Iowa Donor Network

  • Summarize the importance of using discretion and sensitivity with potential donor families

  • State the role of IDN in the consent process

  • Identify organs and tissues for donation and transplantation


Death by Neurological Criteria (DNC)

Free online course, provided by Cleveland Clinic, which explains how to properly assess evidence of cerebral function in patients in a coma. It outlines the accepted medical standards for determining DNC and details the elements included in the clinical examination. It also provides information about how to properly discuss DNC with the families of patients. Free CMEs available.

Organ Donation Toolbox

The Organ Donation Toolbox was developed to provide donor hospitals and organ procurement organizations easy access to a variety of best practices resources including templates, articles, forms and presentations on numerous donor management related topics. 

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.