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Suzanne Conrad

“I have dedicated nearly my entire professional career to promoting and facilitating organ and tissue donation. Eight years after joining Iowa Donor Network as CEO, I was able to donate a kidney to a friend and board member. My recipient was 17 years post liver transplant and 67 years old. He was going into renal failure and had no compatible living donors. His blood type was “B” and I knew that he would have quite a wait before an eligible deceased organ donor would be available for him. Type “B” blood type is fairly rare in Iowa and both of Tom’s daughters are “ABs” and his wife was an “A”. Fortunately, I am blood type “O”- and was a good match for him. When I first got into organ donation, I worked as a nurse following transplant patients half the time and was on-call for the donor program the other half. I went to dialysis units and I saw what a struggle it was for those people sitting in those chairs for all of those hours each week. If I could help Tom avoid dialysis, that’s what I wanted to do. Tom was an optimistic, lively guy and I didn’t want to watch that drain away. Tom was one of the people who interviewed me when I applied for the CEO job in Iowa and I was impressed with his pure joy for life. Eight years later, when he needed a kidney and I could help, I was thrilled.”

-- Suzanne Conrad, Living Donor & Iowa Donor Network CEO

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