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Iowa Donor Net­work is pleased to pro­vide com­pli­men­ta­ry mate­ri­als to Dri­ver’s Edu­ca­tion instruc­tors in Iowa. When avail­able, IDN staff and vol­un­teers can pro­vide edu­ca­tion to your class, both in-per­son or vir­tu­al­ly. To request a speak­er, please click here

If you have any ques­tions, email Anne Casey, Pub­lic Out­reach Spe­cial­ist at acasey@​iadn.​org

Edu­ca­tion is Key

About 97 per­cent of Iowa’s reg­is­tered donors said Yes” while apply­ing for their dri­ver’s license. or many teenagers vis­it­ing a driver’s license issuance site is the first time they will be asked an adult ques­tion: Would you like your ID or dri­vers license to show you as a reg­is­tered organ donor?” Mark­ing Yes” gives legal con­sent to donate organs, tis­sues and corneas. As dri­ver’s edu­ca­tion instruc­tors, help­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of reg­is­tered donors make an informed deci­sion is key in help­ing to bring the wait­ing list down to zero. 

Dri­ver’s Edu­ca­tion Class­room Resources

These resources are intend­ed to be used by driver’s edu­ca­tion instruc­tors in the class­room. Sub­mit the form below to request access to the fol­low­ing resources:

  • Video: How Organ Dona­tion Works
  • Video: How Tis­sue Dona­tion Works
  • Video: Gil’s Sto­ry (Donor)
  • Video: Chloe’s Sto­ry (Recip­i­ent)
  • Fact Sheets
  • Quiz & Answer Key
  • Les­son Plan Guide
  • Dis­cus­sion Guide

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