Donation Services Coordinator | Iowa Donor Network

Donation Services Coordinator

  • Location: North Liberty

    Employment Type: Full-Time

    Department: Outreach

    Exemption Status: Exempt

    OSHA Category: II

  • Position Overview:

    Responsible for developing and maintaining referral partner relationships, providing professional education and carrying out the referral response, evaluation and authorization process to maximize organ and tissue donation in compliance with industry standards. This position has the authority to affect, interpret and implement management policies and operating practices.

  • Job Qualifications:

    A degree in nursing, social work, paramedic certification, or health care field; or a degree in marketing, public relations or life science with one or more years of health care related experience. Prior relevant work experience supporting families in crisis situations and nursing, social worker/counseling, or paramedic experience desirable.

  • Organization Responsibilities:

    Essential Job Functions and Performance Expectations:

    1. Develop and maintain positive relationships with referral partners.
    1. Meet periodically with key referral agency contacts, including administration, nursing (ICU, OR, ER) and allied health professionals (ME, EMS).
    1. Document and enter information related to contact rounds and meetings with key contacts including summary of discussion in appropriate database.
    1. Screens all referrals according to established IDN policies and procedures.
    1. Perform thorough review of medical records; assure EMS run report and current hospitalization information is obtained.
    1. Maintain effective communication between IDN staff, hospital and all other agencies/professionals involved.
    1. Report any case concerns to Administrator on Call (AOC).
    1. Document referral and case activity accurately and in a timely manner in designated database.
    1. Accurately obtain authorization for donation and medical/behavioral history of potential donor.
    1. Utilize Collaborative Compassionate Care to allow all potential donor families to make informed donation decision.
    1. Accurately obtain and document medical/behavioral history and authorization/disclosure according to IDN policies.
    1. Review authorization and disclosure form with Communication Center staff according to policy and procedure.
    1. Complete all case paperwork accurately and in a timely manner.
    1. Ensure compliance with local and/or state medical examiner needs during the referral and/or donation process.
    1. Provide formal/informal in-services and education.
    1. Document education provided and needs assessment in appropriate database.
    1. Follow up conducted for mandatory organ and tissue referrals and cases per IDN established policies and procedures.
    1. Document referral and case follow up, measured by documentation on 95% of cases and mandatory referrals in appropriate database.
    1. Prepare recommendations and distribute death record review and referral compliance reports per established IDN policies and procedures.
    1. Maintain referral agency profiles on an ongoing basis and complete hospital strategic plans per established policies and procedures.
    1. Maintain current copies of hospital donation policies and ensure accuracy with industry standards and state laws.
    1. Report death record review data, donation activity and referral data to assigned referral agencies.
    1. Assist with quality assurance process completing charts and QA requests in a timely manner.
    1. Complete QA request s within five (5) business days.
    1. Attend and actively participate in scheduled meetings or training sessions as measured by attendance sheet (pending activity or scheduled activities). Any missed meetings should be made up within two weeks of meeting.
    1. Demonstrate competency in essential job functions.

    Additional Job Functions:

    1. Perform training with new staff or staff learning additional job functions.

    a. Assist in the training of staff and document the information on the training checklist.

    1. Conduct public education presentations as requested.
    1. Collaborate with Outreach Leadership to ensure hospital letter of agreement is current.
    1. Outreach related projects as assigned (i.e. Donate Life Conference planning and IDN material development).

    Physical Requirements/Working Conditions:

    1. Must receive required vaccines based on outlined schedules to protect our employees, healthcare personnel, donors, recipients, and families we may come into contact. (e.g. Influenza vaccine must be obtained annually by December 1st and COVID vaccine upon required timeline.)
    1. Respond to call/page within 10 minutes and arrive to office within one hour of call as assigned.
    1. At peak times, may be called in to assist when not scheduled.
    1. Work office hours and a rotating on-call schedule with extended hours, minimum 3-6 days of call per month. May be required to take additional call as needed.
    1. Sit for periods of eight (8) hours or more at a time in an office setting.
    1. Lift equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 lbs.
    1. Possible mental and visual fatigue associated with detailed work.
    1. Require travel to the office and donor hospitals through the State of Iowa at any given hour of the day or night.
    1. Require driving a vehicle under various conditions that may lead to visual and mental fatigue.
    1. Work requires stooping, kneeling, reaching, and handling (seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with hands).
    1. Express ideas verbally and convey detailed or important spoken information.
    1. Receive detailed information through oral and auditory communication.

    Skills and Abilities:

    1. Maintain a current valid driver’s license and be insurable through IDN’s insurance.
    1. Skill and ability to effectively use computers and computer software including word processing, databases, spreadsheets, Internet tools, and electronic mail.
    1. Effectively communicate both verbally and in writing when representing IDN; work well with others; take and give direction; demonstrate effective problem-solving skills; ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

    Organizational Responsibilities: It is required that IDN employees demonstrate commitment to the mission and vision, maintain effective communication, exhibit teamwork, respect diversity, follow policies and procedures, maintain confidentiality of all donor, recipient and organizational information, demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while meeting productivity standards, observe safety and security procedures, be consistently punctual and dependable, actively participate in performance improvement activities and continually demonstrate behavioral expectations and core values.

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.