Jessica Peine

"On December 15th, 1998 I received a phone call at work that no parent ever wants. Our daughter Jessica had been stuck by a car, walking home from school with her siblings. After very valiant efforts by both paramedics and doctors, Jessica had passed on. 

In the emergency room the doctors asked if we would consider organ donation. Although neither of us had ever thought about being donors, my wife and I looked at each, and said 'yes' at the same time. The recovery team was a very long way away, and were able to recover her eyes, heart valves and skin tissue. We took to informing all our friends and family to become registered donors. It became our passion to spread the word. 

We also donated her Christmas gift to our local community outreach program. In honor of that gift Jessica Faye's Closet was formed by Pearl City Outreach. It has served Muscatine's less fortunate receive clothing and household goods. Offering everything free of charge and no questions asked for the past 18 years. Even surviving an arson attempt to burn it down, it remains strong from local donations.

The Pearl City Life Riders RC was formed in 2011 to provide fundraising for Iowa Donor Network and Jessica Faye's Closet.

We hold a yearly Memorial Ride and Music Festival where local motorcycle riders come to ride in Jessica's memory. Local bands donate their playing time at the festival and all proceeds are donated. Through her memorial ride, her story has traveled the biker world, as we continue to spread organ donation awareness."

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.