Professional Outreach Coordinator

  • Location: North Liberty

    Employment Type: Full Time

    Department: Professional Outreach

    Exemption Status: Non-Exempt

    OSHA Category: III

  • Position Overview: Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with and providing professional education to county medical examiners, emergency medical personnel, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals to improve referral systems and maximize organ and tissue donation.

  • Job Qualifications: A degree in marketing, nursing, life science, public relations, or social work, with 1-2 years of prior relevant work experience. EMT or paramedic experience desired.

  • Organization Responsibilities: Organizational Responsibilities: It is required that IDN employees demonstrate commitment to the mission and vision, maintain effective communication, exhibit teamwork, respect diversity, follow policies and procedures, maintain confidentiality of all donor, recipient and organizational information, demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while meeting productivity standards, observe safety and security procedures, be consistently punctual and dependable, actively participate in performance improvement activities and continually demonstrate behavioral expectations and core values.

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.